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Vacuum drying installations

home gallery 03Vacuum drying installations by BROTECH are designed for processing vegetable raw materials (vegetables, fruits, berries, mushrooms).

Dried fruits and vegetables get a very high quality on our equipment, which is much better in terms of  aesthetic and taste  than those made using any other drying methods. Our technology allows us to preserve all the flavors and useful  qualities of vegetables and fruits and ensures the safety of commodity characteristics (commercial appearance, long shelf life).

Long-term operation of installations such as UVS in experimental and industrial production allows us to come to the following conclusion: Technical and economic performance of our installations is much higher than such of foreign and domestic ones of the same productivity:

- Specific load per m2 is 30% higher;

- Power consumption is 20-50 kWh less;

- The cost of 1 kg of remote moisture is 3-5 times less (depending on the type of product);

Vacuum freeze dryer with a capacity of 1000 kg of raw materials / cycle - 1 piece in the set:

Drying chamber (sublimator) is a device made in the form of a cylinder with a lid, inside of which there are heat transfer plates (food shelves) and baking trays (all parts and parts of the device are made of stainless steel, grade Х12Н10Т). For easy maintenance and operation, the lid is attached to the hinged case, closes with hinged locks and equipped with a viewing window with illumination and a valve.

Dryer (desublimator) is a device made in a form of cylinder or parallelepiped with a cover, inside of which there are evaporator batteries of the refrigerating machine installed for vapor condensation , which is released during the drying process of products in a sublimate. Thawing of a snow coat from the batteries is carried out by hot water expelled from the product shelves of the drying chamber when they are cooled. For easy maintenance and operation, the lid is attached to the hinged case and has viewing windows with illumination.

The system of heating and cooling the food shelves of the drying chamber - Works on the principle of indirect cooling (heating) using water as a coolant. The temperature difference on shelves is not more than ± 1 ° С.   It consists of a two-section circulation pump, an electric water heater, a metering and expansion tank, pipelines and shut-off valves.

Control and control panel provides:

  1. manual control of the periphery by current collectors with the reflection of their status on mnemonic diagram;
  2. semi-automatic control of the drying process with manual control task

Parameter and automatic maintenance of a set point ;

  1. flashing of emergency operation modes (light and sound alarm);
  2. registration of controlled parameters with a possibility to obtain a hard copy;

Vacuum system: In order to develop a vacuum, reliable high-quality vacuum pumps are used. The maximum vacuum achieved is less than 10Pa.



Normal Value

1. Surface of heat-transfer shelves, m2, not less than


2. Plant capacity (load), kg / cycle


3. Temperature of heat-transfer shelves, t oC, not higher than


4. Final relative humidity of the product,%, not more than


5. Working pressure, Pa


6. Operating temperature of desublimator,batteries t oC, not     higher than

minus 20-40

7. The boiling point of the refrigerant (R22) t oC

minus 40

8. Thickness of the product layer on baking trays, mm, not more than


9. Duration of the drying cycle of a product, hour


10. Number of drying cycles without defogging desublimers


11. Cooling water consumption for vacuum pumps, condensers of refrigerating machines and cooling of heat transfer shelves, m3 / h, not more than


12. The installed capacity of a three-phase electrical network (220/380 V), kW, not higher than                       


13. Occupied area, m2, not more than


Introduction of this machine will allow you:

  1. To produce a wide range of dried products
  2. To ensure high-quality processing of vegetables and fruits and the preservation of the harvest
  3. Substantially reduce the cost of dried products
  4. Create new lines of confectionery products using natural fillers and flavors created on the basis of dried berries, fruits, vegetables.

Stages, terms and prices for the manufacture of equipment:         

  1. Stage of producing basic unit with tests - 4 months (15-17 weeks)         
  2. Assembling the machine with tests - 1-2 months (4-7 weeks)         
  3. Installation of the machine on your site with commissioning-1 month (2-4 weeks)         
  4. Running 3-5 modes for given products with the training of your specialist -1 month (2-4 weeks)


Term of manufacturing and delivery:

5-6 months from the date of making the first advance payment.

Payment schedule: 60% - first advance payment corresponding to the first stage. 20% - after 4 months, before the start of the second stage. 10% - before shipment of the full set of equipment. 10% - after completion of all work to the client’s site.

Installation and launching is performed by engineers of the Seller Cost of installation: $ 12,000.00NOTE: In the range of provided drying installations there are units with a capacity of 200 and 500 kg of raw material / cycle. 

Additional Features

  1. We can work with any leasing or credit organization.
  2. We are also ready to consider the possibility of selling part of the finished product on the Russian market using our own distribution channels.

Price from 800 000 Euro