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Small cheese factories

home gallery 04Anyone who has ever tried fresh cheese from real farm milk would never be able to refuse it. Fresh cheese is like a young wine, plays with tints of flavors and makes you try it again and again!

To produce such unique homemade cheeses is best where there is a good milk. And there is a lot of good farm milk in Russia. But cheeses in our country have always been produced within large enterprises in huge volumes. The culture of production of author's homemade cheeses in Russia is just starting to appear. First experiences are amazing, presenting lots of flavors. The fact that we do not have centuries-old traditions in producing author's cheeses plays into the hands of both producers and consumers. After all, we are not limited to traditional requirements. Our cheese makers actively experiment creating incredible cheeses with addition of nuts, berries, flowers and spices.

Small cheese factories by BROTECH – it is profitable!

We manufactured equipment for the production of author's cheeses in compliance with the traditional technologies of cheese making, but also with the opportunity to experiment and create. On our equipment you can produce real tasty and healthy cheese according to author's recipes.

Payback period is no more than 12 months!

Who can become a cheese maker? Anyone who has constant access to quality milk. A farmer who has at least 3 to5 cows.

Who might need a professional cheese-factory?

  1. Farm or personal subsidiary plots with dairy livestock of 3 cows
  2. Networked food retail
  3. Restaurants
  4. Military units
  5. Health centers, tourist complexes
  6. Food production facilities for schools 7. Professional educational institutions for training food technologists
    3 steps to start producing your own real, tasty and healthy cheese

Step 1. To wish to become a cheese maker and learn how to create author's cheeses

Step 2. To conduct market research and plan sales distribution. 

Step 3. To apply to BROTECH

Then we do everything ourselves:

  • we estimate all the necessary equipment
  • we adjust it to your premises
  • we supply a complete set of equipment
  • we carry out supervision
  • we launch together with you
  • we train staff

Requirements for Premises:

The area is 50 sq.m. Input voltage 380V Total power 10 kW Drain sewer pipe with a diameter of at least 100mm Moisture-proof design of electrical connections Availability of household refrigerator

It will also be necessary to make a cheese maturation chamber with an area of ​​10-15 m2.

Financial Conditions

  1. Prepayment of 60%
  2. Production time - 30-35 working days
  3. 30% is paid after notification of equipment availability for shipment
  4. 10% after our company has completed all the works on installation, training and commissioning of equipment.

Price from 6 000 Euro