About Company

BROTECH is a Novosibirsk’s developer and producer of professional equipment for the food industry. In 2014, we assembled a team of highly qualified specialists and launched production at Technopark in Novosibirsk’s Academgorodok.

BROTECH activities

- Projecting and design of equipment for food industry

- Maintenance service

- Modernization of existing production facilities

- Engineering

- Development of recipes for enterprises of dairy, brewing and non-alcoholic industries.


BROTECH Industries

  1. Kvass-factories (from 50 liters to 5 tons per day).
  2. Cheese-factories (from 100 liters of milk per 1 cycle).
  3. Breweries (from 100 liters per day).
  4. Vacuum dryers for fruits and vegetables (from 500 kg of raw materials per cycle).

BROTECH in figures

Over 30 companies around the world produce quality products on BROTECH equipment.

On our balance sheet, we have more than 20 projects of kvass-factories, breweries and cheese-factories.

Our technologists developed and introduced 9 recepies of kvasses of natural fermentation,  several sorts of fruit-juices, jelly-juices, about 15 sorts of beer. Recipes are developed on the basis of carefully adapted pre-revolutionary recipes.

The cost of our equipment is 30% below the market.  

We provide 12 months of warranty and valid certificates for the entire line of equipment.


Installation of equipment and launch of production is a very difficult process. Our team carries out professional supervision and trains your employees. We want our equipment to function smoothly, and we are in constant contact with each of our customers, advising on the operation of equipment and providing technical support. We do our best to ensure that our customers can solve any problems with our help. But we make even more efforts to ensure that these problems do not arise.