home gallery 02We make “key-ready” breweries and get you acquainted with all the secrets of successful brews.

Brewers already brew beer on our equipment and earn money.

For this, they have only made 3 steps!

Step 1: decided to brew own beer

Step 2: Determined the required production volume

Step 3: Concluded a contract with BROTECH

 In  a complete set of brewing equipment you will receive:

  1. Profitable business with a profitability of more than 100%.
  2. Unique recepies of craft beer, which is very popular among customers.
  3. Full technological professional support for your project.
  4. Installation supervision, launch and training from professional technologist.
  5. Recommendations for market positioning from highly professional marketing consultant.
  6. Assistance in preparation of all necessary permission documentation.
  7. Minimal payback period

What do you need to start production?

  1. Preferably the first floor. The area depends on the production capacity. A factory of 1000 l / day requires about 70 m2. Ceiling height - minimum 270cm. Smooth, washable floor (tile or polymer floor). A small slope and drainage ladders are desirable. Smooth, washable walls, preferably tiles. Moisture-resistant coating on the ceiling.

  2. Electricity. For a factory of 1000 liters / day, the total power connection must be 20 kW.
  3. Water supply. Connection to a water canal or own well. Supply of cold water, hot water, sewage drainage, diameter min. 100mm. Working pressure in the cold water system is 4-6 bar. Water treatment system coordinated with our specialists.
  4. Wastewater disposal is required. Better central, but you can do with a cesspool.  

Let’s start a business!

Price from 10 000 Euro