• The first direction

    The first direction

    Manufacture and sale of mini-Breweries, mini-leavened plants for small plants (up to 5000 l/day) or restaurants, bars, cafes. These budget lines allow to brew beer/brew/honey in a full technology cycle, from raw malt to get a high quality product with minimum investment.

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  • The second direction

    The second direction

    Technological support of Breweries, qualiware, medaware. We will offer You a proven recipe of beer, kvass, intoxicating honey (Mead), train Your staff, carry out the first batch. Develop a unique beer recipe, leavened recipes, recipes of honey, which will cook only for You. We know how to finalize the process, the equipment is Your mini brewery or the leaven of the plant in order to produce good beer, kvass, honey (wrong name - Mead) or another good drink.

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  • About Company
  • About Company

    BROTECH is a Novosibirsk’s developer and producer of professional equipment for the food industry. In 2014, we assembled a team of highly qualified specialists and launched production at Technopark in Novosibirsk’s Academgorodok.

    BROTECH activities: - Projecting and design of equipment for food industry; - Maintenance service; - Modernization of existing production facilities; - Engineering; - Development of recipes for enterprises of dairy, brewing and non-alcoholic industries.

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Fermentation Technology

Our products

We manufacture the brewing equipment in the workshop in Novosibirsk. Hence our low prices and flexibility of approach. We will manufacture any equipment, including specifically for craft beer. We produce good quality equipment. It is not so perfect as the European, but much better and more thoughtful Chinese. It is not always necessary to take the best and most expensive, is often enough just good.